Why Should I Power flush My Central Heating?

Why Should I Power flush My Central Heating?

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Central Heating Power flushing in Bristol

Why should I power flush my central heating? Well I’ll tell you the main reason for having your central heating system power flushed. It is to improve the efficiency of the heating system. By that I mean cleaning out the pipework and radiators so the hot water flows from the boiler, through the system faster and heats the rooms up quicker. This reduces the amount of work the boiler has to do to heat the house up and which in turn reduces the amount of energy it consumes and reduces your heating bills.

On top of this, by keeping the system clean and free of any magnetite, rust and scale you can prolong the life of your boiler and other components. If you’ve ever seen a bit of rust on a radiator, that’s not due to the outside air having moisture in it and rusting the radiator away. That is due to air in the system, reacting with the water and the iron/steel and corroding the radiator from the inside out. The small patch of rust is probably a lot worse inside the radiator where you can’t see.

Power flushing your Central Heating System – Bristol

A power flush is designed to clean the central heating system using chemicals and depending on the machine being used an industrial sized magnet. Then inhibitor is added to the system to reduce the chemical reaction that forms and creates rust and magnetite within the system.

It’s always good to have a central heating filter installed on the system, we recommend Adey MagnaClean. Central heating filters collect magnetic particles of rust, magnetite and scale and store them within the filter until the filter is cleaned, ideally every 4-6 months.

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