Power flush Iron Acton Bristol

Power flush Iron Acton Bristol

Power flush Bristol

Power flush Iron Acton Bristol.

Power flushed a central heating system in Iron Acton BS37 today for Mr. C. The customer had complained that several radiators were struggling to heat up as well as the others in the house. After using a thermal imaging camera to identify why we attached our MagnaCleanse power flush machine to the central heating filter. With the help of some Adey MC5 rapid flush system cleanser we were able to remove the magnetite, rust and scale from the system to get the central heating running efficiently again.

Power flushing is designed to clean central heating systems. We power flush radiators and the boiler through a central heating filter individually to ensure we get the most out of the solution and focus all the cleaning power at each radiator at a time.

Power flush Bristol saves the day

By power flushing this customers central heating system we’re not only getting their central heating system working the way it should, but it’s now more efficient. Which means each radiator is heating up quicker, the boiler is doing less work, there is less magnetite and scale in the system and there is less chance of magnetite building up within the system again.

By power flushing the central heating system you reduce wear and tear on the boiler as it doesn’t need to work as hard. This reduces the risk of break downs or having to replace the boiler. It’s also keeping the system clear of magnetite, rust and scale so the radiators last longer and don’t corrode as quickly.

How much does a power flush cost?

Our base price starts at £250, depending on the number of radiators and the size of the central heating system. Some homes have so many radiators that it can sometimes take longer than a day. However the average house can be done within 4 hours. We use 2 different types of power flush systems, depending on whether or not you have a central heating filter installed.

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