Power Flush Emersons Green Bristol

Power Flush Emersons Green Bristol

Power Flush Emersons Green Bristol

Power Flush Bristol

Last week we were called out to perform a power flush Emersons Green Bristol as a customer of ours was paying too much for their heating bills and wanted to know why.

What we found was astonishing!!

The boiler had been regularly serviced by a larger corporation who will remain nameless, but the water quality in the system was appalling. Unfortunately the customer didn’t have a central heating filter installed and there was no trace of inhibitor in the system. Inhibitor should be topped up every time a boiler service is done!

At Power Flush Bristol we pride ourselves on our work and so took to getting this central heating system working efficiently. First we installed a central heating filter as this helps keep the system clean year round. Once the filter was installed we were able to connect our power flush machine to the system and start the cleanse.

Power Flush Emersons Green Bristol

By having the system cleansed the magnetite within the system causing the blockage was removed and heat was able to transfer more efficiently. This resulted in lower energy usage from the boiler and lower heating bills for the customer.

Power flushing a central heating system and keeping it clean can also reduce the risk of boiler break downs, radiators rusting and pipework bursting. Magnetite is a collection of rust, iron and scale and corrodes your boiler, radiators and pipework internally. This is one of the main causes of boiler break downs.

Bristol Power Flush

If you’d like to get your central heating power flushed then Contact Us today. We can give you an estimate over the phone and arrange a time that’s suitable for you. Please allow at least 3-4 hours for a power flush, if you home or central heating system is considerably large this could take longer as it is dependant on the amount of radiators and size of the property.

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